Consulting and Research in Rural Development


My main interests are ecological agriculture, land fund, agro-economy, agrifood and agritourism. 

Rural Development

The researches concerning rural development have considered the rural socio-economy and the funds for the rural space. 


The consumers’behaviour is one of the key factors in the development of the rural economy. 

Digital Technologies

The digital technologies can be working tools for analysis and prediction in rural socio-economy and also a modernism condition. 

About me

My name is Ioan Sebastian Brumă and I am a Scientific Research II with the Collective of Rural Economy within the Institute of Economic and Social Research of the Romanian Academy, Iași branch. 

Concurrently, I am part of the Rural Development Research Platform, an interdisciplinary research group, that has been active since 2016 and it is focused on the innovative development of the rural socio-economy. 

At the same time, I have consulting activities on agriculture and rural development. 

CV Ioan Sebastian Brumă


The Institute of Economic and Social Research

Research Institute of the Romanian Academy, Iași branch

Rural Development Research Platform (RDRP)

Interdisciplinary research group in rural socio-economy

The Romanian Association for Sustainable Agriculture (ARAD)

Non-governmental organization

Contact data


+4 0745 908 021

My Mission and Values

In my opinion, Romania needs a rural space where the tradition and modernism should co-exist and, thus, be able to provide all the necessary conditions for a high quality of life and to engage the rural resources starting from a innovative philosophy based on the principles of  sustainability and durability. 

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