Agrifood Consulting and Research


Developing the local economy by promoting local brands, circular economy, short food supply chains and local gastronomy. 

Rural Development

Sustainable development by stopping the migration from the rural space, promoting the small producers and advancing the local entrepreneurial culture. 


Integrated development of active tourism by promoting the natural and cultural heritage, local producers and traditional gastronomy. 

Digital Technologies

Statistical digital tools  (R Programming) and GIS  instruments (QGis) for data interpretation from the rural socio-economy. 

About me

Lucian Tanasă is a consultant in the rural business environment and a scientific researcher III with the Collective of Rural Economy within the Institute of Economic and Social Research of the Romanian Academy,  Iași branch. 

At the same time, I am part of the interdisciplinary research group Rural Development Reasearch Platform, which has been active since January 2016 and which is focused on the innovatve development of the rural socio-economy. 


The Institute of Economic and Social Research

Research Institute of the Romanian Academy,Iași branch

Rural Development Research Platform

Interdisciplinary research group in rural socio-economy

The Romanian Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Non-governmental organization

Contact data


+4 0734 124 764

Research Gate

Lucian Tanasă

Mission and Values

The development of the rural economy is closely connected to a innovative approach by which we try to open new possibilities for the rural space and be able to manage their resources by intelligent solutions which will lead to the its modernization and also to the valorification of the traditional heritage.