Interdisciplinary Researches in Rural Socio-economy

Digital Technologies

In terms of rural development, the digital technologies should be approached from two angles, namely, digital anthropology and knowledge transfer. 


The scientific research that has has impact upon the knowledge transfer towards the rural environment should have an integrated approach of all societal mechanisms: culture, society, economy.


The consumers’behaviour should be understood both on the spot in the rural environment and within the urban agroalimentary consume circuit. 

About me

I cannot claim that I am an expert in rural socio-economy. My educational background is in philosophy with interests in the theories of criticism and interpretation (hermeneutics) and digital anthropology as well. Nevertheless, I think philosophy should come down in the street too. Or go out on the village lane, as it happens here.  

My involvement with Rural Development Research Platform has been from the very start, January 2016, when together with Ioan Sebastian Brumă and Lucian Tănasă founded this informal group of interdisciplinary research in the field of rural development. In my case, it was rather difficult at the beginning given my expertise area. But, step by step, I have realized  that this is more an advantage than a drawback. That I can see things differently from my colleagues and friends in what concerns  the rural socio-economy. It is, so to speak, both a professional cliche and an opportunity. 

Within RDRP group I got involved mostly in developing activities of digital technologies addressed to the scientific research on rural environment,  in activities based on analysis, interpretation and conceptualization of the particular themes in rural socio-economy and, lastly, in training activities both for myself and others willing to  find out more.


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