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What is Rural Development Research Platform?

  • RDRP is an interdisciplinary research group in the field of the rural socioeconomics. 
  • RDRP has been founded in the city of Iași situated in the North-East of România. In 2016 Ioan Sebastian Brumă, Codrin Dinu Vasiliu and Lucian Tanasă founded the group known as RDRP as the result of the collaboration between the Department of Rural Economics and the Department of Discursive Digital Technologies  which are part of Gh. Zane Institute of Economic and Social Research with the Romanian Academy,  Iași Branch. 
  • In 2019 RDRP acquired legal personality and became an association.  

RDRP Objectives

  • Development of fundamental, applied and experimental research with impact on rural socioeconomics. 
  • Active involvement in the national and international scientific research by taking part in the national and European programmes addressing interdisciplinary scientific research of high impact on the rural socioeconomics.
  • Deployment of the scientific research results by activities of dissemination, marketing and knowledge management.
  • Building the formative framework with a special stress on ideas such as durability, sustainability, circular economy, healthy life, environmental protection, protection of cultural , material and non-material heritage.
  • Development of the scientific tools for identifying, analyzing and assessing the key factors of the economic and social environment , life quality,  cultural heritage and environment. 


  • President: Ioan Sebastian Brumă
  • Vice-president: Lucian Tanasă
  • Vice-president: Codrin Dinu Vasiliu
  • Associated Members: Sebastian Doboș
  • Supporting Members: George Bodi, Irina Frasin, Daniela Butnaru, Sonia Bulei

Short History of RDRP

  • 2014: it starts the informal collaboration on interdisciplinary research concerning rural socioeconomics among Ioan Sebastian Brumă, Codrin Dinu Vasiliu and Lucian Tanasă;
  • 2016: the RDRP brand is born. However, it is the identity brand of an informal interdisciplinary research group  which lacks institutionalization objectives at the time;
  • 2016-2019: RDRP builds its brand by running a series of activities of research, consultancy, collaboration and partnership development, knowledge transfer, intermediary services in the transfer ecosystems and promotion of rural development based on the principles of durability and sustainability;
  • 2019: By observing the impediments brought on by the lack of legal personality, RDRP takes the decision of becoming a non-governmental organization, more precisely an association.  
  • 2020: RDRP wins as partner, the first project of extra-budgetary financing (within PNDR,  axis 16.4).

Areas of Research

  • Durability and sustainability in the rural space;
  • Bio-economics and circular economy;
  • Agritourism and creative activities;
  • Short supply chains;
  • Rural sociology;
  • History of Economics and economic thinking;
  • Interaction between rural and urban space;
  • Behavior of the consumer of agrifood products ;
  • Digital development in the rural space;
  • Deployment of the rural cultural heritage;
  • Rural visual anthropology.