ASAT Partnership – a viable solution for local producers

Lately there has been obvious the fact that The Romanian rural space has become more and more attractive to a number of people with a high entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, there are initiatives of relevance and worthy of taking into consideration, especially in terms of production and processing based on traditional methods of the agricultural products obtained in their own household. It is only properly to underline the fact that if the culture technologies can be relatively easily manged in due time and the actual production can be obtained by considerable material and physical efforts, the access to  market is one of the most challenging aspects to be dealt with by local small producers.

It is notable that at the present time there is a great need for a more intense promotion of the innovative outlet models of production on the local level as they could embody accesible and efficient instruments for supporting the sustainable development trend within the small rural households and farms.

One of the outlet models for local agricultural products, mainly fruit and vegetables, is illustrated by the partnerships A.S.A.T. (The Association for Supporting Rural Agriculture) that have been present since 2008.  They are a frame scheme for outlet and supply with alimentary products based on the principle of pronounced partnerships between responsible consumers and small agricultural producers. The common aim rests in promoting a rural agricultural model which is socially and financial fair and with beneficial effects on both consumers’ health and environment. The present paper presents the operational principles of the ASAT partnerships, the applicability sphere and the benefits of this distribution type for both producers and consumers.

Ioan Sebastian Brumă, Sebastian Doboș and Lucian Tanasă presented the paper ASAT Partnership – a viable solution for local producers on the occasion of Academic Days from Iași 2016 within the section Re-modelling the Romanian Rural Space. Horizon 2020.

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