Design on Carol I boulevard, Romanian Academy

In Asachi House from Iași live about 5 institutes. All part of the Academy. The parking lot is small. The back door has the following features: it is key-card operated, it is quite minuscule and it is iron made. An entrance painted in white and fitted with bars at the narrow panes lest all the small animals from Cantemir’s bestiary do not come in. A day by day entrance to work.

But this is not the story here and today. Today I have parked near the bin, privileged place since is close to the gate and does not block anyone till 15.00.

But even this is not the today story.

Getting out of the car in the parking lot today, by far I caught sight of  an announcement stuck on the small narrow door painted in white and dedicated to stopping the small animals from Cantemir’s bestiary. I thought that we are being warned about stuff like: the water did not work anymore, the air was polluted, there was a strike, that we should rethink our survival. Or, worse, that the heating is on or off. About 16% I did not actually dare to be afraid that it was off.

I picked up my pace to read faster. The announcement was the top one. The first reaction was an aggressive one. I wondered how  could anyone do something like that by comparison with the all the colorful posters in the back full of logos and hierarchy strategies and stuck with double-adhesive tape?! Further, who do you think you are and do something of the sort without using the logo of the Romanian Academy?

I got lucky because I quickly realized that I was thinking over hedge and ditch. I was looking at the most efficient poster ever made at the Romanian Academy. I spotted it from the parking lot, I thought it was something important, I read it letter by letter and I took a picture of it. The prime meaning of the design is to pass on a message, not to comply with logos and slogans. An A4 -format paper containing a hand written message was the most efficient communication under the circumstances by comparison with all the posters ever made by myself and smartly stuck 2-meter further in the back.

I like to think it was some sort of artifice and I am glad.

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