Digital Instruments for Scientific Research

The Rural Development Research Platform in collaboration with the Department of Discoursive Digital Technologies organized the training workshop entitled Digital Instruments for Scientific Research for the human resource within the Romanian Academy, Iași Branch on the 19th June 2017.

Codrin Dinu vasiliu presented the digital instruments necessary and applicable in the advancement of scientific research.


  1. Instruments of presentation and promotion. Social Media addressed to the scientific research:
  1. Social Media for all types of activities:
  1. Instruments for public debates, discussions and knowledge/ expertise transfer:
  1. Instruments for blogging:
  1. Instruments of communication and collaboration:
  • Google Apps
  1. Instruments and solutions for data security 
  2. Instruments of systemizing and referencing 
  1. Complex Instruments. Researcher profile:
  1. Instruments for scientific issues:

  1. Instruments for automatization:


Free-entry for everyone willing to find out more about digital instruments addrressed to scientific research.


Codrin Dinu Vasiliu, RDRP Interdisciplinary Research Group
Department for Discoursive Digital Technologies
Institute of Economic and Social Research, within the Romanian Academy, Iași branch

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