Ecological Agriculture in the Intelligent Development Strategy of the North-East Development Region

„Petru Poni” Institute of Macro-molecular Chemistry and the Institute of Economic and Social Research organized the workshop entitled Financial Opportunities via the North-East Agency for Regional Development (zones of fundamental action in the process of innovation potential for the North-East regional development) in Iași on the 7th of April 2017.

The researcher Ioan Sebastian Brumă (the Institute of Economic and Social Research) presented the paper Ecological Agriculture in the Intelligent Development Strategy of the North-East Development.

The starting point for the workshop debates:

Within the EDP workshops from October 2016, the North-East ADR Nord-Est ran a process of entrepreneurial discovery that led to the identification of action zones in the innovation potential for the development of the North-East region. Thus, there were identified solutions for the specialization of the region in the following domains: Agro Foods, Biotechnologies, Textiles and New fabrics, Technology of Information and Communications.

Commencing from the solutions identified a workshop will be organized for the project development of intelligent specialization (PDL) with the support of Joint Research Center in Iași on the 26th of April 2017. The purpose of the meeting is to maximize the success changes of those who promote the projects of intelligent specialization in the North-East Region.

Domains and specialization solutions identified:


Agenda for debates 

  • Axis 1 POR 2014-2020 Promoting the technological transfer
  • Strategy for Regional Research and Innovation by Intelligent Specialization in the North-East Region
  • The Regional Consortium of North-East Innovation (CRI), The Academic Consultative Commission (CCA)
  • Establishing some quality standards for ecological products

Workshop – ADR Financial Opportunities

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