In the blessed Lețcani village about 13 km away from Iași, we believe in three things

We believe in Santa Claus, especially when we are bragging that our God is born in the body of his son Jesus. We believe in the Easter procession, when Jesus makes all those nice beautiful gestures and blesses our Easter sponge cakes.These things are part of tradition, of memories, of all it is worth telling joyfully and well-meant. They are part of the most important spiritual exercises of a commune assigned to the E583 European road.

On the other hand, our life coerces us to believe in demons too. As in old times, when the Huns would swoop on us or when the Turks would advance into our territories, we used to believe in the devil of invasion, of tribute, of incoherent language. We would believe in unsteadiness, we would trust the gasp of the wind. Since the early days of Moldavia, we used to believe in the electric distribution: deceit and blaze.

We are sitting on he porch of civilization and know how to say these slander words: May pansies take you to a wicked field, you energicians who break everything on your respite moments of corporate corruption!

Lețcani village at the European road divisible by 11, the devil’s number, on an energetic route quite clearly defined, has the following swelling issues provided by your corporate corruption: whenever the electric power is off, the washing machines crash (due to your lack of imagination, they actually do not run on char anymore), the heaters perish, the fridges die, the computers stop playing Solitaire and so on.

Although you are obviously not interested, all these cost a lot and mess up badly any household from Lețcani when they are toasted. Go to the Old Impish Gentleman! If you labour under the great impression that you are doing your jobs properly and professionally, if you think you are doing well to this community, where any breakdown means losing the profit for at least half a year, if you are able to come up with excuses to any person who loses the heating devices, washing apparatuses, TV sets or computers on winter months, if you really think your souls are slowly moving on tip toes further on, may the good thought descend on you and our curses not catch up with you!

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