On the road to Hoșman

Tomorrow morning I am sitting in the right seat of the driver. Interesting things that I see: entering Șugău Gorge, entering Cupaș Gorge, I notice there is water running out from The Fat Man’s Torment cave. I cannot see Ghilcoș peak, but I can spot a few ducks on the dormant surface of the Red Lake. In Gheorghieni I pretend I am asleep because I always get lost there. As I know myself, I actually fall asleep and wake up in Hoșman. On the way back I get to see Ghilcoș peak.

In Hoșman I have the chance of meeting interesting people who are going to offer me traditional seeds and are planning to write a declaration about Food Sovereignty.

Further info here:

Sonia is staying home to take pictures at the Mechanical Music Festival in Iași.

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