Plant Protection with the Help of Plants. Horsetail – Eqvisetum arvense

Horsetail is one of the most important plants used in the ecological agriculture.

It is used as decoction, maceration or infusion obtained from the aerial stems and leaves, green or dried picked up in summer during July-September.

Due to the high content of silica acid (5-8%), silica under a form easily assimilated biologically, contributes to the strengthening of cell tissues of the plants treated and provides a good protection against fungus infection.

The watery extracts obtained from horsetail are used for treating the cryptogamic diseases of the plants, such as: mildew, manna, rust, monilia diseases, staining and blisters of the leaves (peach tree), botrytis, septoriose and many others. 

For strengthening the health of the useful microorganisms and fighting the pathogen ones on soil level, there are also recommended soil treatments throughout the year.

Decoction – recipe: – prior soaking of the plants chopped, 1 kg of green plant or 0,2 kg dried plant for 24 hours in 7-10 l of water; boiling the mixture on a low flame with the lid on for 30-40 minutes; slow-cooling by keeping the lid on for 12 hours. It is strained and diluted after: 1:5 or 1:3, then you can spray the plants, If the fungus attack is massive, you can try to spray with the undiluted solution. The decoction can be kept in bottles or plastic recipients filled to the top and firmly sealed in a cool dry place for several weeks. Metal recipients are not indicated.

Maceration: extract a smaller quantity of silica acid by comparison with the decoction, but it has some positive effects on leaf louse, acari and ants. It is used 1 kg of fresh plant or 0,2 dried plant and left for fermentation in 7-10 l of water for 1-3 weeks depending on how warm it is. The fermentation is completed when the liquid does not emit gas bubbles anymore. The dilution used for spraying the plants is 1:10.

Infusion: it is made by using s 0,2 – 0,3 kg of dried plant over which are poured 7-10 l of boiled water. The mixture is kept covered till it is completely cooled at room temperature.

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