Post-humanism and Anthrozoology. Redefining the terms in human-animal relation

Irina Frasin presented the paper Post-humanism and Anthrozoology. Redefining the terms in human-animal relation on the occasion of the Academic Days from Iași 2017 within the section Psychology and Education Sciences.


Anthrozoology is the study of the place occupied by animals in human society, works of arts and relations established by humans with animals. The notion of animal is a social construct. Animals as we know them do not exist as such, they are rather the result of our history and culture. When living in a certain cultural environment, we learn the animal categories (pets, farm animals, lab animals, wild animals, etc.) and which is the proper way of relating to them.

Although the European tradition has an old history of domination and perception of animals as inferior beings and at our exclusive disposal, nowadays things are starting to change. It becomes increasingly obvious that we are not the Earth’s sole inhabitants who matter and that the intricate interactions among people, animals and ecosystems make everything exist in a network of close inter-dependencies.
This novel understanding along the latest research in the fields of ethology, zoology, comparative psychology, primatology and others as well require a re-definition of the animal notion and the existing boundaries between us, humans, and the other animals.