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About us

Rural Development Research Platform is an informal group of interdisciplinary research in the field of rural socioeconomics. The group was founded in Iași city, in January 2016. RDRP is the result of collaboration between the Collective of Rural Economics and the Department for Discursive Digital Technologies, within the Institute for Economic and Social Research of the Romanian Academy, Iași branch. 

Research and Fields of Action

Rural Development

Scientific research in the field of socioeconomics for supporting the intelligent development of the rural space.

Knowledge Transfer

Scientific research for developing ecosystems of knowledge transfer within the rural socioeconomics. 

Digital Technologies

Scientific research for developing digital solutions of entrepreneurial nature in rural socioeconomics. 

Our Team



Facebook Network

Page of Rural Development Research Platform​

The page of RDRP group

Group of Regiunea de Dezvoltare Nord-Est (North-East Development Region)

Group administrated by RDRP

Group of Târguri și manifestări țărănești (Peasant Fairs and Events)

Group co-administrated by RDRP

Page of Academia Română, Filiala Iași (Romanian Academy, Iași Branch)

Official page of ARFI (Romanian Academy, Iași Branch).

ICES Gh. Zane

Official page of “Gh. Zane” Institute for Economic and Social Research 


Group for researching the human-animal relationship 



Iași, T.Codrescu, Nr. 2


0754 908 021


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