Samoilă Mârza and the visual memory of the Grand Union. Between Voyeurism and Ideologization

The Grand National Assembly in Alba Iulia locality is both the pinnacle and symbolic moment of the entire event of the grand union from 1918. However, the assembly was photographically documented by merely 6 plates taken by Samoilă Mârza, the unofficial photographer of the 1918 Grand Union. As it often happens, the story behind the photographs has faded away and nowadays has a purely documentary relevance. By re-staging this happening of photographic immortalization, we could understand a series of elements that are part of the episteme by which a photographer of those times related to its contemporary history.

Keywords: Samoilă Mârza, the Grand Union of 1918, photographer, visual memory

The national Symposium entitled Romanian Memorialism: between the historical document and the aesthetic object, the fourth edition, Iaşi, 27 – 28 June, 2018

Presentation support | Presentation: Codrin Dinu Vasiliu
The Institute of Economic and Social Research of the Romanian Academy, Iași branch

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