The Discoursive Brand Analysis of the Accomodation Units from the Tourist Basin of Sucevița (Bukovina region, Romania)

In the rural areas where the economic potential is clearly defined by the agricultural or commercial activities, tourism is the business key within reach. Under the circumstances, the socio-economic reflex takes the form of developing projects for tourist services, especially in the places with tourist potential. Further, the local economy, at least with respect to the private initiative, advances towards agritourism. In the present study we aim to run a discoursive analysis of the presentation messages offered by 54 accommodation units from the tourist basin of Sucevița. Making an inventory of the online messages (own sites and platforms for tourist services) we were able to identify 24 key concepts (keywords and key phrases) and, starting from their occurrences within the identity narratives of the accommodation units, we have analyzed their relationship with the supra themes and the themes belonging to the local and regional brands. Further on, we have outlined the general profile of the accommodation units and the profile of the target group as they appear in their presentation discourses. The relationship between these two profiles reveals strong brand connections but also shows some fractions which can be mended. To repair these inconsistencies we can provide a few handy recommendations in formulating medium and long-term strategies for the development of rural tourism.

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