The Right to Food Sovereignty – Peasant Public Consultation

The Institute of Economic and Social research along with EcoRuralis Association and collaborators organized the event The Right to Food Sovereignty – Peasant Public Consultation on the 25th of June, 2016 starting with 10.00 a.m. at the headquarters of the institute located in Copou on str. Codrescu no.2 from Iași.

This event is part of a national public series of consultations which aim to mobilize the peasant men and women and the supporters of peasant agriculture on the theme of food sovereignty. These consultations are based on the need of a strategy for the future of agriculture and alimentary which places peasant men and women in the centre of decisions and supports agro-ecology, the peasant agriculture as ideal model of agriculture in Romania.

The programme focused on the problem of peasant rights to resources and it was structured in 3 sessions, as it follows:

a) Introduction. Food Sovereignty;

b)The Right to Market;

c) The Right to Seeds.

Each session was presented by representatives of the peasant or environmental civil society and by researchers as well. The debates were followed by discussions with the participants – peasants, gardeners, members of the civil society from Romania.

The programme included free distribution of peasant seeds for peasant men and women, gardeners.

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