The simple joy of eating a fruit

It is quite easy to enjoy eating a fruit.
You can go to the market, supermarket, greengrocer, parents, grandparents, to a neighbour even or a friend, you can climb over a fence and nick it or you can simply have your own fruit tree.
The last version is valid if only you are lucky enough to have a bit of land as a city boy or girl.
The fruit trees should not miss from any urban garden, they bring joy, bind you more to the place you call home. The fruit tree from the garden becomes part of your family, has its story and you know a lot about him, like when you planted it or who did it, you know when its first gave fruit, you and how many they were, you know how they taste it like and with whom you shared them, you most certainly took pictures and most likely enjoy see them again.
We dedicate the fruit of our trees to the most important people in our lives and this is how the series Tudor has  apples, plums, peaches commenced.
P.S. Sour cherries and cherries next year.
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