The Tourist Value of the Archaeological Site in Rural Economy

The researchers Codrin Dinu Vasiliu and Ioan Sebastian Brumă presented the paper The Tourist Value of the Archaeological Site in Rural Economy on the occasion of the Archaeological and Ethnographic Expedition from Crihana Veche 2017, within the workshop Interdisciplinarity in Archaeology.


The archaeological site is always a tourist attraction and may very well become an element for stimulating the rural economy. The development of the visiting economy comes with certain deterioration risks of the archaeological sites, although tourism does not always translate into a non-invasive activity.

Among the debates concerning the relation between patrimonialization and tourist development there are two limit position: one totally excludes the archaeological site from tourist circuit for protection reasons, the other one supports the idea that an archaeological site is better protected by public acknowledgement of its importance and also promotes it as a local, regional, national or universal value.

By this communication we wish to engage into an active dialogue starting from your own experience as archaeologists and anthropologists and hope to hear the pros and cons of both sides or arrive at a compromise solution.

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