Theodor Aman – The Union of the Principalities

Some say Moldova is in red to the right.

Others say it is in blue close to the Bukovinian one and to the left.

I am not truly good at it, I am not a historian. Bu that cross placed over the young lady’s head makes me think that Moldova is in the right part.

My discourse operates under these particular circumstances and, may I say,  there are many interesting keys of interpretations about this painting.

For example, Moldova places the cross over in a symbolic and even institutional manner. Hence the conclusions must be reached by the professionals in the field. on the other side, Moldova is funnier, at least in the bust area.

Politically speaking, the handshaking is rather diplomatic coming from Muntenia. At the same time, Moldova is watching attentively the station point (the painter), while Muntenia casts a look rendering something like this: come on, will you give me a break?!

In modern terms, Muntenia wears a golden-coin chain at her neck and also earrings. Moldova wears a more modest string of beads.

Maybe this is how the painter saw it, perhaps he saw it upside-down or backwards (there was a scandal on the matter at the time). Anyway, the symbolic order does not matter. My interpretation is thin and I hope it will not raise passions.

But I cannot restrain myself and say that at home, more precisely in Moldova, this matter in historical order that the Moldavian people have been forever observing the same ignoring attitude from those who speak the Romanian language correctly.

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