Valorification of local agrofood products in Iaşi county via social media. Case study: Iaşi city wants local products

Valorification of the local agrofood products in Iaşi county via social media. Case study: Iași city wants local products.

Lucian Tanasă, Ioan Sebastian Brumă and Sebastian Doboș, researchers at the Institute of Economic and Social Research (Romanian Academy, Iași branch) presented this paper on the occasion of Academic Days from Iași 2017, within the section Current benches in Rural Development.


The valorification of the local agrofood products via social media is a rather accessible alternative for the small local producers, a common feature of the short food supply chains with multiple socio-economic and healthy benefits. Also it is a welcome change which responds to a reconnecting need of the small farmers to the final consumers. This type of commercialization contributes to the valorification of the agrofood production made by the small producers and local processors and also satisfies the urban population’s need of consuming healthier and less processed products at accessible prices.

In recent years more and more Facebook groups that commercialize agrofood products have been created. Thus, virtual communities/ agrofood markets have emerged, providing the possibility of direct interaction with the small local producers. Among the most notable profile groups are the following: “Iaşiul vrea produse locale” (Iași city wants local products), „Iaşul vrea produse naturale” (Iași city wants natural products) and „Iaşiul vrea produse naturale din gospodării”, (Iași city wants natural products from households) which gathered more than 40.000 members in 2017.

The case study of the current paper analyzes one of this groups, namely “Iaşiul vrea produse locale” (Iași city wants local products), one of the most dynamic Facebook groups that commercializes local agrofood products.

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