Viewpoints regarding the development of cyclotourism in Hășmaș and Giurgeu Mountains

Lucian Tanasă presented the paper Viewpoints regarding the development of cyclotourism in Hășmaș and Giurgeu Mountains on the occasion of the Academic Days from Iași 2017, within the section Current Benches in Rural Development.


In recent years it has been registered a higher demand of the Romanian tourists for active holidays all over the country, especially during summer time which often involves cycling as a recreational sport and activity. The confirmed tourist areas from Hăşmaş and Giurgeu Mountains provide good premises for cyclotourism development, regardless of its nature (professional/ amateur) and comes with beautiful landscapes, a large number of tourist routes accessible by bike as well, plenty of accommodation offers in the resorts or localities in the area and, also, many tourist attractions. As a matter of fact, the natural and anthropic heritage of this zone attracts many foreign cyclists and tourists, since the area is ipart of the must see cyclo routes from Romania. Here are a few of the tourist attractions: Cheile Bicazului (Bicaz Gorge), Lacu Roşu (The Red Lake), Cheile Bicăjelului (Bicăjel Gorge), Masivul Hăghimaş (Hăghimaş Mount), the mineral springs from Borsec, the springs of Olt and Mureş rivers, the local rural villages that are keeping the old local traditions, Castelul Lăzarea (Lăzarea Castle), the old wooden churces, the wild or arranged caves from the area, the wildness of the mountains.

The present paper analyzes the cyclo tourist potential of the Hăşmaş and Giurgeu Mountains and highlights a series of cyclotourist theme routes with GPS mapping.

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