Where do we buy the ecological food products

The concept of ecological product does not tell too much to the Romanian consumer from the North-East Development Region. Under this term there is a mixture of official definitions or understandings, legal regulations, the consumer’s own perception and education.

In accordance with the above chart, for the most part, the consumer buys the ecological food product from the market (agroalimentary markets) directly from the producer or from the supermarket.

In terms of official definition which states that the ecological product is the ecologically certified product there are necessary a few specifications.

The agroalimentary market does not have ecological products. If it does, their presence is an accidental one there. At the market we can often find a mixed world. On one hand, it is about two main product categories: one coming from small farmers and one coming from engross storage units.On the other hand, we deal with two main types of traders: small farmers (known as peasants) who are increasingly less present on the market and intermediaries who are growing in number. The agroalimentary market is not by far the place which defines the distribution of the ecological agroalimentary products.

The purchase directly from the producer does not secure the ecological feature, but, at least, it gives the freshness plus or product authenticity. Nothing further.

Although the supermarket is the area of maximum comfort when it comes to buying ecological food products, by providing special areas for this product category, it is still the battlefield of great confusions, where you will come across lively coloured labels which contain the message eco or bio without being either. The marketing relies on this confusion between ecological product and the so-called eco and bio brands. In the end, the ecological product is at risk of not landing in the shopping cart.

If you happen to read these observations in their possible negative note, we would like to believe that it is not our intention.

In the chart presented the idea of ecological product becomes a regulative concept for the consumer’s expectations.

More relevant are the conclusions related to the interpretation of these expectations:

The consumer, either it falls or not under the concept of ecological product, wishes a country-like product on the shortest distribution chain and maximum protection provided by authorities in place.  

Thank you for following us and we would like to invite you to our next posting where we shall talk about curiosity, animal protection and health  as motives for buying ecological food products.

Sebastian Ioan Brumă and Codrin Dinu Vasiliu

The data presented are obtained by applying the questionnaire The Ecological Agroalimentary Products in 2016.
The Questionnaire was made by Ioan Sebastian Brumă, Lucian Tanasă and Codrin Dinu Vasiliu.

Infographic authors: Ioan Sebastian Brumă & Codrin Dinu Vasiliu

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